Nola Arrivals

I’ve experience 3 wonderful, borderline magical Nola arrivals within the past 2 weeks.

1.  Guess what came to Nola?

west elm NOla

Oh how I love and hate West Elm at the same time

Since the boy and I are semi obsessed with decor we had to attend the grand opening party.

west elm nolaApparently EVERYONE else in Louisiana decided they had to attend too.  One could barely move in there.  So I sat at a beautifully set table (pretending it was my own of course) and enjoyed my free wine and peanut butter caramel puff.  Gotta love grand openings.

west elm freebies

Gotta love a freebie

So in the end, after our purchases of bedding, 3 lamps and 2 pillows, we probably paid for all the freebies we ate/drank.  Boo.

But it will be almost worth how much we over paid when we see how cute it is all set up in our house right? 

Yeah.  Moving along.

2.  Guess who came to Nola?


Best friends forever, and beyond!

BACHERS – my bestie!!!

When you move out of state and your BFF-AB comes to visit, its like your birthday meets Christmas meets a chocolate lava cake full of a never ending lava river.  

We did some meandering around NOLA.  We even found an apartment for her to move in to!

Really Bachs, how could you not want this one?

Really Bachs, how could you not want this one?

We managed to make it through a full days worth of shopping without spending a penny…that is until we visited the camera store.  Hmmm.  I won’t go into details or anything, but camera stores are bad news.

However, I am LOVING my new Nikon 50 mm prime lens.  I would highly recommend it for a super sharp image with a blurred background without a lot of adjustments to the camera settings.  Like this picture I took of my basket weave cake: 

basket weave cake


This great basket weave cake was my final cake for my Wilton Course #2 at Micheal’s.  If you’re into cake or cookie decorating at all, I CANNOT recommend the Wilton courses enough.  I mean look at the cake for proof.  I made all the flowers on it as well as iced it.  And I’m no special pro or anything.  They are just really great courses.  Hobby lobby and Micheal’s usually offers them.  Stay tuned next week for a basket weave tutorial on the Gingerlife, just in case you can’t make the Wilton courses. 

And for the final Nola arrival that came today:

3.  Puffins sent to me by my bestie.  I love puffins with a great, mad passion and yet, since I moved here I have not been able to locate them at the grocery store.  I’ve looked high and low and even cried (almost).  But today two boxes of my favorite flavor arrived in the mail from Texas.  Hallelujah.  I have puffins.

Best cereal ever.  After lucky charms, of course.

Best cereal ever. After lucky charms, of course.



Crafting to Organize

You know those people who clean and organize stuff when they get stressed? organize scrabble letters Yeah, I’m not one of them.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m still praying  that one day I’ll wake up with that trait.  But at 28, I’m not holding my breath or anything.

In the meantime, I’m working on some ways to set up our house so that it just remains more organized in the first place.  This is so logical – why have I not been doing this all along?! You might remember the declutter shutter that helped transform our kitchen table into a kitchen table where meals could be served.  Well after using the shutter for a while, I found I kept sticking ugly stick it notes all over the mail to help remind me what was inside the envelopes.  So here is my ten minute craft solution: organization craft Cute little clothespins covered with washi tape and a scrabble letter to label what stack of mail its holding.  For example:  D stands for deals, like coupons.  F is for things to File…ect.   Ok so I couldn’t find an F.  S is for things to “stash” same difference.  Crafting is all about flexibility, thats what I’ve learned. organization clothespins Its the simplest craft ever.  But I’m sharing it because its so easy and you could use these ANYWHERE to help organize.  Besides who doesn’t love a reason to use those cute craft scrabble letters? Check out the organized declutter shutter: declutter shutter organized Whoo Hoo! There’s hope for my organization skills yet.  Happy crafting.