Fine Motor Kids Craft

Its about time for a kids craft at the Ginger Life Blog! 

Although my husband and I don’t have kids, we are certianly kids at heart.  I have proof.  

1.  We have a new favorite  

Ice cream that is.  The “Krazy Kookie Dough” Ice Cream from Blue Bell has risen to first place in our never ending search for favorite ice cream flavors.  And look, this marketing is clearly geared towards kids.  

Krazy kookie dough ice cream on the ginger life blog

I don’t even want to know what makes it this lovely unnatural shade of yellow, pink, blue and green.

bluebell Krazy Kookie dough ice cream on the ginger life blog

I may have eaten some as I wrote this post…


2.  We have to go see the newest kids movies in the theatre.  Always.  

Frozen, How to Train Your Dragon 2, The Lego Movie….You name it we were there, in the theatre on opening weekend riding it out with all the chatty kids and their parents “shhHH”ing every 2 minutes.  

Why?  Because we LOVE kids movies.  

My recent favorite is Despicable Me and Despicable Me 2.  I can’t help but cracking up at this cleaver film.   It was this movie as well as my job as an Occupational Therapist (OT) that inspired this lovely fine motor kids craft.  As an OT I am always trying to find great crafts to promote strength in little hands.  This can help kids with grip strength which in turn can allow them the ability to do a number of fine motor actives: writing, buttoning, cutting, stringing beads…this list goes on.  Of course a child rarely needs JUST strengthening, but its almost always a good place to start. 


fine motor kids craft supplies


fine motor kids craft to be

Minion to be

Disclaimer:  This is simply a fine motor craft activity idea.  *If you have concerns about your child please see your pediatrician or get an Occupational Therapy evaluation*

On to Crafting!    

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I do (not want to go broke) Part 2

In the spirit of saving money on a wedding or sticking to a wedding budget, I thought I’d share my top 5 favorite DIY ideas for a wedding.  I know not every one is AS big of a DIY geek as I am (i.e. the time I tried to make a boat birthday cake), but everyone can do some DIYs for their wedding.  And if not, you probably have a friend who could help you out.  

The benefit of DIY, after saving cash money of course, is that it gives a very personal touch to your special day.  I used DIY technique for almost everything I could, minus the cake.  I was tempted, but I decided to contract that one out.  Because not everyone cares to do this much crafting pre-wedding, as you can only super glue your fingers together so many times, or tolerate so many hot glue burns before it all gets old, I am sharing our top 5 DIY favorites from our wedding.  These were simple to complete and generated lots of great feed back from guests.

1.  My favorite DIY which I heard a great bit of positive feedback from were the guest escort cards.  I made the cut out boots using a borrowed cricut machine and brown card stock.  Then I hand decorated each boot and wrote guests names on them.

DIY wedding escort cards


DIY wedding escort cards

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I Do (not want to go broke)

I may have mentioned once or twice that I’m a thrifty girl.  So when we got engaged last summer, saving money while saying “I do,” was a priority from the start.  If you have the huge budget great, awesome, I’m slightly jealous, but if not, this post is for you.

rainbow wedding on a budget

Of course a wedding is said to be the “most important day of your life” or one of them anyhow, but how much do you really have to spend to make that day special?  

Not that much.  

DIY wedding snack bar

The things that make that day special, much more than food or how fancy the venue is, are your family, friends and new spouse.  All free.  We had a limited budget and got really creative with our resources in order to keep our budget.  Not to say it can’t be done even cheaper, because it can.  As someone who has been there, here are money saving tips that helped us save thousands of dollars.  More than $5,500 to be exact.

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Fondant Daisy Tutorial

Alright all, the fondant daisy video tutorial is here!

fondant daisy tutorial


I love the fondant daisy because it can make plain old cupcakes look like rockstars, which in turn, make you look like a rock star.  Who would have known they are actually pretty simple to make?  

Plus, fondant and gum paste reminds me of my play dough days. And who doesn’t love feeling like a kid again? 

fondant daisy tutorial

Edible daisies

These daisies don’t stop at cupcake decor.  They can go on cakes or just about anything edible – use your imagination!  

When it comes to these daisies you can use either fondant and/or gum paste.  The difference is gum paste will dry much quicker, so if you are a beginner use a mixture of half of each to allow you some time to create the daisy.

Click below to see my money saving tips on supplies needed to make the fondant daisy.

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