Project Craft Room Update

We’ve made a few additions to project craft room since my last post and although not yet finished, its getting much closer!  

Sometimes I feel like I will never finish all my decorating ambitions for this house, but alas, I try.

craft room with orange wallSince my last post we added this rug from West Elm, which ties into the hot orange wall and gives the ground some nice pizazz.  We also added an ever so functional cork-chalk board to the wall.  As well as super long curtains from CB2. 

IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR LONG CURTAINS FOR CHEAP, PLEASE CHECK OUT CB2.  The prices beat anything I could find on the internet, including IKEA!  They are 10 ft long and were only $30 each, which is a huge win, considering most curtains that long are $100+.  Its all about the clearance sale y’all.

craftroom shelf

I’ve tried my best to organize my craft supplies in these baskets on the shelf, so it doesn’t look like a hot mess.

And my favorite part, our DIY paintings which have been many of our greatest dates.

DIY painting display


I loved the idea of displaying our paintings, but they aren’t quite professional quality which is why they work great on the craft room wall.  The paintings with the hot orange really sets a nice creative, be yourself, have fun, kinda vibe.  We’re digging it anyway.

Again, still not finished (I eventually would love a few floating shelves and a clock) but so much further along than this:

craft room before

So Ill take it.  

One step at a time right?

St Patty’s Wreath with Burlap and Felt

This blog is long overdue for a craft, and since I’m a total sucker for burlap and rainbow (see our wedding) I made my own version of this Lucky Shamrock St Patty’s wreath I found on Flamingo Toes blog.  I love her wreath, but I wanted to play up the rainbow and take out the sewing thing.

My sewing machine is a hot glue gun.

st patty's day rainbow and burlap wreath


st pattys wreath with burlap and felt

A certain spoiled dog doesn’t listen very well…


  • Foam wreath
  • 15 feet of 5 inch burlap
  • small gold brads 
  • Floral wire
  • Felt (a square of purple, blue, dark green, light green and kelly green, orange, red)
  • Cotton balls
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun


For the Wreath:

  1. Wrap foam wreath in 15 ft of burlap, hot glue the beginning and end pieces of your burlap
  2. Add gold brads, just pressing them into the foam where you see fit

For the Rainbow:

  1. Cut out 9 triangles of each color of felt, your pieces should look like a snow cone shape and be about 3/4 inch tall.  The triangle will hang down like a bunting flag and the top rounded part will fold over the wire.
  2. Hot glue each of your triangles to its own separate piece of floral wire
  3. st pattys wreath felt flag

    Don’t get too ambitious with the hot glue or you won’t have finger prints after this.

For the shamrocks:

  1. I cut green felt hearts out for each shamrock and then placed a dot of hot glue in the middle of each heat and gave it a little squeeze to make the leaf shape. 
  2. I used a penny to hot glue all the leaves to, because I had to incorporate some “gold” in there somehow.

st patty's felt shamrock

Assembly of the wreath:

Push about one inch of the floral wire of each color of the bunting flag into the middle right side of the wreath.  Keep them about half an inch apart.

  1. st patty's day wreath
  2.  Cut the excess wires off
  3. Add cotton balls to make the cloud
  4. Glue on shamrocks

And tah dah…its a burlap and felt st pattys wreath!

st pattys wreath2

Mardi Gras Y’all

I’ve never really got Mardi Gras before this year.  In Texas I think many a Mardi Gras have passed me by, without my noticing.  But here in Louisiana…Mardi Gras is A. REAL. BIG. DEAL. y’all.

I love this print my sister gave me for Christmas

I love this print my sister gave me for Christmas

Here is what I learned from my first Mardi Gras.

1.  Dress up, every one else does.  In fact you probably stand out more if you’re NOT dressed up.

mardi gras tutu

Amy (from Stampinwithaheart) and I made these tutus.  They couldn’t have been more simple or more cheap.  We bought 9 yards of tulle from hobby lobby and followed these instructions at Wiki How.  This is truly a craft for the crafty and uncrafty alike, it was so easy!

2.  If you get the baby in your King Cake (which is basically a big cinnamon roll) you are obligated to buy the next king cake.  mardi gras baby float


The baby will look like the one on the float above, except a million times smaller, so look out.  And please, for the love of tradition, don’t go suing the company if you get a baby in your piece of king cake.  Its not for eating.  Goodness.

3.  The colors actually mean something.  Purple stands for justice, green for faith and gold for power.  And all this time I thought the colors were just for a pretty show.

jam session in the quarter

4.  Louisiana news station has a parade tracker car.  And truck.

mardi gras parade tracker car

mardi gras parade tracker truck

Because parades are almost like tornados here – shutting down traffic, raining beads, and brining huge gusts of joy.

4.  Beads.  They have more uses than just wearing them around your neck.

mardi gras man wearing beads

You can wear them as a hat and/or jacket…

mardi gras jacket made of beads

mardi gras bras

Or perhaps as a brassiere.

mardi gras house with beads on fenceOr use them as yard and fence decor, (not our house, just one I found in NOLA).

Mardi Gras jar of beads as home decor

And at the end of the day, if you don’t know what to do with all those beads, you can just throw them in a nice jar on your bar as extra decor.  

Thats what we did anyway.

Hope everyone had a great Mardi Gras!



Grand Canyon Trip

February seems like a fine time to tell you about our great Christmas road trip.  We headed West and went from New Orleans all the way to the Grand Canyon.  Cj has family in Phoenix, so most of our AZ time was spent there.  And wow, was it pretty.

Sunset view from the car

Ok…the post is a little late.  

But look at the sunrise! And yes, we were driving so the pic is blurrier than I would prefer.  I would have gotten out to capture it, but 16 degrees is beyond my capability to bear.  I’m from Texas ya know.

AZ skysunset

God is a great artist. 

Grand canyon walkwayAnd sculpter.   Check out the canyon.  

I’d heard from people before that it is “anti climatic” and “just a big hole.”  

Britt and CJ at Grand Canyon

Well, I beg to differ.  

The Grand Canyon was breath taking.  

I’m already planning my next trip with my bestie and I can’t wait to see this place again!

AZ grand canyon brush

The road trip in one direction was 24 hours and 5 minutes of drive time which is pretty long considering you still have to make it back home, but I think road trips have a million pros…or at least 4.

  1. Saving cash money
  2. Spending quality time together
  3. Lots of views
  4. Lots of time to listen to good sermons and Planet Money on NPR (I LOVE that podcast)

Don’t worry, we split it up into several stops and visits with friends and family.  And it actually worked out wonderfully, until we hit the ice storm of the century in west Texas on the way home.  I didn’t know it got so cold in Texas!  We were in 16-17 degree weather with ice EVERYWHERE.  And the boy’s new rear wheel drive sports car was sliding.  And fish tailing.  And making me so nervous my face was sweating.  And my heart was beating so loud I could hear it.  Don’t drive a sports car on ice.  EVER.

AZ trip, icy road in texas

It cost us an 8 ish hour delay, but we were grateful just to make it home safely.

I suppose next time we road trip we will check driving conditions before we do the drive.  That seems like a smart idea.