Fondant Daisy Tutorial

Alright all, the fondant daisy video tutorial is here!

fondant daisy tutorial


I love the fondant daisy because it can make plain old cupcakes look like rockstars, which in turn, make you look like a rock star.  Who would have known they are actually pretty simple to make?  Fondant and gum paste reminds me of my play dough days. Fondant daisies can be placed on cakes too, and all kinds of creative things. 

fondant daisy tutorial

Edible daisies

When it comes to these daisies you can use either fondant and/or gum paste.  The difference is gum paste will dry much quicker, so if you are a beginner use a mixture of half of each to allow you some time to create the daisy.

Click below to see my money saving tips on supplies needed to make the fondant daisy.

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Edible Wonders

Since my first rainbow snow cone, I have been intrigued by great food presentation.  Granted to steaks are higher now, but thats probably where it all began.   Making pretty edible things was also what motivated me to take the Wilton cake decorating courses at the craft store.  And even though I HATE that Wilton can sell the most ridiculous stuff for probably a million times what it costs to make simply because its “cake decorating” supplies, I do LOVE that they can teach pretty much anyone how to make BEAUTIFUL icing creations.  Here are a few of my gum paste creations from course 4.  

Edible stargazer lilly

Edible stargazer lilly


Edible daisies

Edible daisies

I haven’t made tutorials for these, because they require quite a bit of Wilton equipment, where as the basket weave only requires a few icing tips.  We made several other flowers too, but these were my favs.  If you are interested in learning you should see if your local craft store offers the classes.  Trust me, if I can learn to make these, so can you.  

Speaking of wonderful edible creations, we just got back from Seattle.   Ah, Seattle, land of beautiful landscape, quirky people and delicious food.  What happens when quirky people create delicious food?  

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Bacon Brittle?  Yes please!

Bacon Brittle? Yes please!

This magical invention can be found at The YellowLeaf Cupcake co.  Along with these:

Bacon and Pancake flavored cupcakes

Bacon and Pancake flavored cupcakes

Bacon meets creamy savory sweet icing on top of this little cupcake, while its friend in in the background rocks a maple syrup and pancake flavor.   Were they worth the calories?  YES.  AMEN.

Have I ever mentioned my great passion for bacon?   Gosh…

the deliciousness doesn't stop at cupcakes...

the deliciousness doesn’t stop at cupcakes…

Berries to off set the cupcake calories

Berries to off set the cupcake calories

Of course no trip to Seattle is complete without a trip to the Public Market.  I’ll spare you the pic of the sign that EVERYONE has seen a million times.  How about a picture of my beautiful BFF-AB and our great friend Tuan instead? 

She really hates when I take pictures of her...

She really hates when I take pictures of her…

Tuan also really hates when I take pictures of him...

Tuan also really hates when I take pictures of him…












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Slowing down

I never thought I’d be one to be longing for work.  After all, my career is in healthcare.  So when my husband said his company wanted to move his job from Texas to Louisiana, I was totally on board.   After all, my job is mobile right?  

Well not completely.  Jobs for occupational therapist are MUCH harder to come by here.  So I’m still looking, even 3 months after our move.  In the mean time, I’m trying to enjoy the slower pace of life. Its weird how you can get caught in such a grove that when everything slows down its actually HARDER to deal with.  I suppose we are always learning, its a human thing.

Road trips are one of those slow things.  Something I would never had time for when employed, I mean a plane can get you there so much faster.  But since I’ve got the time, my cousins and I decided to indulge in a cousins road trip.  Despite growing up together, we have not all been together in over ten years.  So last week we changed that with a road trip spanning from Texas to Louisiana to Georgia.

road trip collageWhat did we do in Georgia?

Visit the Peach factory of course. 

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Icing Basket Weave Tutorial

Today, as promised, I bring you the icing basket weave tutorial from my level 2 Wilton cake decorating course.

basket weave cake

My first icing basket weave on a cake – surprisingly, it turned out alright

When I first learned that we were required to do a basket weave for our final cake in my cake decorating course, I was a bit, oh I don’t know:  petrified, bummed out, unenthused, ready to run away…

cake full picture horizontal

1.  Before this I thought the basket weave was super complex.  I mean, I still can’t braid my hair without first wanting to pull all of it out.  And 2.  I thought the look was a bit old school.  Ok so I still think the look is a bit old school.  Probably not something I’d put on a modern themed cake, but all the same the basket weave is so pretty, easy and super versatile.  You could put almost anything as the centerpiece in your basket cake.  We used flowers, because it was what we learned, but I can think of a million fun things (sugar cookies decorated like fruit – how much better is that than a real fruit basket??, picnic themed sugar cookies or fondant objects, gum paste puppy or puppies, store bought candies to represent any theme you’re going for, ect).

On to the 6 step tutorial:

First, I am going to set you up to practice.  After a few minutes of practice, you are ready to move on to the cake.  Here is what you will need:

  • Wilton icing bag (disposable or non-disposbable)
  • Wilton icing tip #21
  • Tip ring and coupler
  • Lots of icing (basket weave technique is an icing hog).  Use thick to medium texture butter cream icing.  Wilton has a nice recipe here.  But don’t feel limited to chocolate.  You can use any flavor, or better yet use two different colors and get crazy.
  • Ruler (if you’re into measuring things)
  • Paper (or go directly to a cake if you don’t want to practice)
  • Marker
  • side note:  all of this can be purchased at a craft store like Michael’s or Hobby Lobby
  • Can you smell the chocolate from there?

    Can you smell the chocolate from there?

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