Crafting to Organize

You know those people who clean and organize stuff when they get stressed? organize scrabble letters Yeah, I’m not one of them.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m still praying  that one day I’ll wake up with that trait.  But at 28, I’m not holding my breath or anything.

In the meantime, I’m working on some ways to set up our house so that it just remains more organized in the first place.  This is so logical – why have I not been doing this all along?! You might remember the declutter shutter that helped transform our kitchen table into a kitchen table where meals could be served.  Well after using the shutter for a while, I found I kept sticking ugly stick it notes all over the mail to help remind me what was inside the envelopes.  So here is my ten minute craft solution: organization craft Cute little clothespins covered with washi tape and a scrabble letter to label what stack of mail its holding.  For example:  D stands for deals, like coupons.  F is for things to File…ect.   Ok so I couldn’t find an F.  S is for things to “stash” same difference.  Crafting is all about flexibility, thats what I’ve learned. organization clothespins Its the simplest craft ever.  But I’m sharing it because its so easy and you could use these ANYWHERE to help organize.  Besides who doesn’t love a reason to use those cute craft scrabble letters? Check out the organized declutter shutter: declutter shutter organized Whoo Hoo! There’s hope for my organization skills yet.  Happy crafting.

DIY table numbers

Confession:  I am the girl that wants to DIY EVERYTHING.

This has led to some humbling fails.  

For example that boat cake I tried to make for my husband’s birthday:

boat cake

CJ’s boat cake.  Some one asked if it was an iron.  Excuse me?  Does your iron look like this??

But on those great occasions when DIY projects succeed, that my friend is cause for celebration.

For example these DIY table numbers:

DIY table numbers

They were my morning craft, inspired by the chalk board table numbers I made for my own wedding.  

I made them as I snacked one of my favorite long lost snacks.  Its been years since I’ve made these, but they were every bit as good addictive as I remember.  


Oaties. AKA crack balls.

Yes.  HEAB’s Oaties.  I made mine with Earth Balance Coconut blend peanut butter (HAVE YOU TRIED THIS STUFF???), dried cherries and chocolate chips.  I am loving them, despite their inherent flaws…

  1. I can’t stop eating the dough when I make them and
  2. There are never enough of them!!

And don’t worry, I have since enrolled in Wilton’s cake decorating classes at the local craft store.  You just wait for next year’s boat cake.  

table numbers


In the mean time, I’ll enjoy paper crafting.  Click below to see how to DIY these super cute mini wine bottle table numbers. OR you can buy them HERE, first person to buy them gets them!Continue Reading