Simple home decor, rustic meets modern

In the spirit of taking a break from cupcakes (and all dishes that follow) I’m sharing a different project: home decor.  

Side note: I am still finding pearl sprinkles on the kitchen floor.

yellow shot gun house

I (not the boy) mowed our grass, just in case you were wondering

Its hard to believe its been 5 months since we moved to Louisiana.  And we are STILL working on decor.  And I do mean WE – the boy enjoys home decor as much, if not more, than I do.  

I’m glad he enjoys taking part, but we have totally different styles.  He loves modern, clean lines and minimalistic design.  I, on the other hand, love the rustic look with old wood and earthy colors, so its been quite a challenge to pick out colors and furniture we both like.  Although its all coming together, its so slow, slower than the DMV.  

The dining room is only room we feel is complete.  And even though its a small feat, it’s still one down!

dining room with rustic and modern style


 The table, chairs and bar are all from Crate and Barrel, which is not a cheap store by any means, but they actually runs decent sales here and there, if you like saving money like I do.  Also they are pretty good about sending %15 off coupons in the mail, so sign up.  Every dollar counts.

rustic modern dining room


The boy picked out this modern(ish) table and we added some funkiness by using two different chair styles and putting 5 chairs at the table rather than your traditional 4 or 6.  I know, we live on the wild side.

chair as corner accent

My camera usually lives on top of the cook books, which is hard to show you :)

We nominated the 6th chair to be a corner accent piece and stacked my cook books on it.

dining room table center pieceOur table center piece is a barrel slice made from wine and whiskey barrels. It was a little jewel I found on clearance at  a discount store (can’t remember the exact one).  I love getting accessories (and also cheap vegan granola and fancy coffee) from Ross, Marshals, or TJ Max.  If you can tolerate the often chaotic shopping experience, you can find some nice deals at these stores.  

bar accessories, rule of 3


I’m no decor expert, but I once read about the rule of 3’s.  The idea is to use 3 different accessories with different textures and sizes to accent a space or piece.  

I dig the rule of 3s.

wall decor lettersNow time to celebrate.  With wine. 

Speaking of which – I, for the first time ever, broke down and bought a box of wine yesterday.  


A box.

4 bottles of wine are in one box = $18.  Thats as much as one classy bottle, folks.

The boy says thats when you know you’re an alcoholic.  I told him, “no, thats when you know you are thrifty and smart.”

His reply:

“thats what alcoholics say.” 

I can’t win with that boy.  But…I got a box of wine for $18 and that’s definitely a win :)

Gender Reveal Cupcakes with filling

Confession:  I made rubber ducky gender reveal cupcakes this weekend.

 gender reveal cupcake with rubber ducky

gender reveal cupcake with filling and rubber ducky

Rubber ducky you’re the one…you make taking baths lots of fun

Despite what it looks like, I promise I’m not a cupcake-aholic.  

many gender reveal rubber ducky cupcakesOk.  

Maybe slightly.  

But these were hardly my fault.

My neighbor was in charge of making a gender reveal box full of colored balloons for her niece’s party, so I thought I would make some cupcakes to accompany.  Like I told you, not my fault.  They were merely an act of kindness for someone else.  No selfish icing sampling motives involved ;)

My neighbor got the honor of opening the orginal ultra sound envelope and…

guess what? Its a boy!  gender cupcake with blue filling

I’ve never met my neighbors niece, but I am still pretty excited for her because babies are exciting.  Well, not the sleep depriving, diaper chaining, spiting up, crying stuff, but something about babies must be exciting because people seem to like them.  They do have that chubby cute thing going for them.

Clearly, I’m not a mom.  Our dog Bourbon is enough of a handfull for now, and sometimes even he can be a bit much….I can decorate cupcakes, though, which brings me back to the topic at hand: Gender Reveal Cupcakes with filling!

Watch the video here:

 See the written instructions as well as my icing recipe here:

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Easy Halloween Cupcakes

October is a fabulous time of year.  Louisiana heat finally vacates and one can enjoy leaving windows open and drinking pumpkin tea on the porch – which is my new favorite by the way.  

easy spider cupcakes

my pumpkin tea


easy pumpkin spiders

the boy’s pumpkin tea ;)


And of course Halloween is approaching so I made some super easy spider cupcakes to help celebrate!  These cupcakes are great because they don’t require any fancy equipment or fondant or gum paste.  Don’t get me wrong – I LOVE my fancy daisy cupcakes, but sometimes I just want to be lazy.  Lazy, but still cute of course.

easy spider cupcakes

To make these easy spider cupcakes you will need the following ingredients:

  • Small cupcakes (cooled)
  • Chocolate covered pretzels – I used Flipz
  • Mini M&Ms
  • Two or three Lifesaver mints (crushed)
  • 2 cups of Hersey’s chocolate chips
  • 1/2 cup of heavy whipping cream (more if needed to thin ganache)

To assemble:

  1. I used the recipe HERE by Add a Pinch’s blog.  She claims its the best white cake recipe and I’ll concur.  You can use any cake recipe, but I purposely made the cupcakes small (only filled the cupcake pan by about 1/2 per cupcake hole) in order to make them look more like a spider body and more proportional to the flipz pretzel legs.
  2. Using your hands or a knife, break up the chocolate covered pretzels so they can be spider legs (don’t eat them all, even though is super tempting!)
  3. After the cupcakes have cooled, removed them from their wrapper and flip another cupcake wrapper inside out so the cupcake can sit on top of the wrapper (as my spiders are)
  4. Melt the chocolate chips with the heavy cream in a double broiler (I use a glass bowl over a pot of hot water) to make chocolate ganache
  5. Use a spatula to cover each cupcake with ganache.  Yes, your fingers may get messy, but who’s complaining about ganache fingers?
  6. After your cupcakes are covered in ganache add to mini M&Ms to each cupcake as spider eyes
  7. Next attach your pretzels as spider legs
  8. Then attach crushed pieces of lifesaver mints as fangs/teeth

There it is easy spider cupcakes.  Fabulous for a party, friends or you know… just you and your husband (not that we would eat all of those ourselves :) ).

easy spider cupcakes

Nom nom nom.

I also finally bought a pumpkin for our porch.  We are really embracing October – and loving it.  Hope you are as well!

pumpkin on porch

Happy spider cupcake making!

DIY baby shower favor

Hey who doesn’t love a good baby shower?  

Better yet, who doesn’t love a super cute DIY  baby shower favor?  

DIY baby gift purses

So cute!

Yep.  These little mini paper purses are the going to be the baby shower favor for my friend Alex’s baby shower girls night.  She was already having a shower thrown by her family and didn’t want multiple showers, so we a doing a girls night out shower.  Its the best of both worlds: celebration and close friends.  Who says a celebration has to be a huge event anyhow?  We are just going to dinner and going to laugh and be silly.  I can’t wait!

What does one put on the side of the little paper purses?

A baby giraffe of course.

DIY baby shower side of paper purse

doesn’t get much cuter than that

What does one put inside these cute little purses?  

Little nuggets of course.  

Chocolate ones.

DIY baby shower purse open

Yes. I ate a few while I posted.

I have to be honest and tell you that while I did participate in making the purses, I had A LOT of help (as in she supplied all the paper, stamps and cutting machine as well as all the know how) from my wonderful neighbor Amy.  She is a Stampin Up, paper crafting master.  And better than that, she’s just a fabulous person.  So while I don’t have a tutorial for you, she promised she will post one for you (coming as soon as I send her these pics!).  Check out her blog StampinWithAHeart to see more of her mad skills.

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